Alarm Systems

The piercing sound breaks the stillness of the night. A dark figure runs through the alley, away from the noise. You breathe a sigh of relief as the alarm deters the would-be thief from completing his mission.


Alarms are loud and noticeable. No one can help but look up when they hear the sound. They are one of a criminals worst enemies because they draw attention, which is the last thing he wants.


Alarms protect your home, business or vehicle by preventing vandalism, theft and other crimes. They stop a criminal before he enters a building or completes his job. With so many types of alarms on the market, you can easily find the one that best fits your needs.


Our team of professional locksmiths can help you choose the alarm system that works best for your home or business. You can select a wired system, which our technicians will install in your home or business. Wireless alarm systems make set-up easy with no need for cables or wires. A third option is a hybrid alarm which is a combination of wired and wireless.


You can easily connect your alarm system to a CCTV, which enables you to monitor your home when you are away. You can choose where to install sensors and even select a motion sensor which is activated when body heat is detected.


Alarm Systems from All The Best Locksmiths


We provide a variety of alarm systems complete with professional installation and the latest technology. Our technicians are trained on these various systems to ensure they are working correctly when the job is complete. They will show you how to use and disable your alarm, so you can feel more secure and in control of your own security.


The technicians at All The Best Locksmiths provide maintenance and repairs of all alarm systems to keep them in prime working order for when you need them. With a full range of professional equipment, we can easily fix any problem on site.


Our alarms are designed to provide a variety of security tasks, depending on the type you choose:


  • Break-in protection
  • Medical alarms
  • Telephone alert
  • Perimeter protection Monitoring and communication


From basic alarm systems to complex hi-tech alarms, we provide you with a system that offers superior security.


Why Choose All The Best Locksmiths


When you decide to buy an alarm system from All The Best Locksmiths, you are working with a skilled, professional team. We work to understand your needs, knowing a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t what you’re looking for. We’ll ask as many questions as necessary to ensure we help you select the best system for your property.


Our technicians are experienced and have worked with many kinds of alarms. They stay up to date on the newest technology in these systems to provide information and assistance to all of our customers. You will always be treated with the utmost respect and professionalism whether you are calling in for assistance or working with a technician on site.


Our goal is your peace of mind and our mission is to provide the best customer service for every customer with every job. No matter what you need or what type of system you’re looking for, you can rely on All The Best Locksmiths. Don’t live in fear of what could happen in your home or business or to your family. Take action by purchasing the best alarm system you can. Let All The Best Locksmiths help you with installation and maintenance so you can feel more secure. Contact us today for installation or repair of a state of the art alarm system.



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The professional team of All The Best Locksmiths offers a proven track record of dealing with all kinds of locks and security systems in an efficient manner. We’ll have you back on schedule in no time when you call us for assistance. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge you need when you want your property secured. They have been trained on all of the latest security systems and locks to ensure accurate and proficient installation and repair. They are also provided with a full range of equipment to make changing out a lock or re-keying a door fast and easy.


When you need immediate service to let you back in your residence, you can rely on the fast, professional emergency service of All The Best Locksmiths.