CCTV Camera Installation La Habra

Digital cameras are quickly making the world a safer place, both at home and in public places like the office. Over the years CCTV systems have become cheaper and easier to install and this has led to their adoption for purposes as diverse as area security, remote observation, insurance claim verification and safety compliance. A visible security camera system is also a good deterrent to crime on your property since it promises easy identification and prosecution for crimes as diverse as shoplifting and assault.


Getting closed-circuit television and installed on your residential or commercial building is a really effective way to increase security without significantly increasing your costs. All The Best Locksmiths has cameras and equipment that can monitor your entire property, and we have the skill and experience to install and maintain your CCTV system for years of trouble-free service.


Commercial CCTV Systems


Brea’s businesses have discovered the usefulness of a good CCTV camera system. These systems keep a watchful eye on parking lots, front and back doors, and interior spaces with high-value merchandise. Fixed cameras can monitor high-priority areas with an unblinking focus while rotating spy cameras work best in public areas under constant monitoring.


All The Best Locksmiths installs and maintains commercial CCTV systems throughout the Brea area. Give us a call, and we can consult with you about the areas you want to watch and customize a solution that fits your company’s budget. We have low-light and infrared cameras that are ideal for overnight surveillance, as well as high-definition cameras with zoom and filter options that can capture a license plate from across a parking lot. We also install pinhole cameras, which are perfect for point observations of cash drawers and employee workstations.


Residential Camera Systems


Area businesses aren’t the only customers for advanced CCTV systems. Many Brea families invest in a security camera system to keep their homes safe. Visibly mounted cameras near your home’s entry points help deter home-invasion burglaries and identify package thieves. IP cameras inside your home transmit their feed to your tablet or smartphone, so you can keep an eye on things while you’re away. These interior camera systems also do wonders for insurance claims, as when a homeowner has to prove a fire started near the Christmas tree or a malfunctioning appliance.


Keyway works with residential customers throughout the area to devise home monitoring solutions that balance security and privacy for family members and guests. Our experienced technicians can have a look at your home layout and advise you which types of security camera work best in each area and cover all of your needs. We can install all of the hardware, including wires (for hardwired systems) and Wi-Fi connections (for wireless setups). We adjust the scan angles of the cameras we’ve installed to make sure you’re getting the best picture possible, and then we help you set up your remote monitoring system, so you’re always aware of what the cameras are picking up.


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The professional team of All The Best Locksmiths offers a proven track record of dealing with all kinds of locks and security systems in an efficient manner. We’ll have you back on schedule in no time when you call us for assistance. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge you need when you want your property secured. They have been trained on all of the latest security systems and locks to ensure accurate and proficient installation and repair. They are also provided with a full range of equipment to make changing out a lock or re-keying a door fast and easy.


When you need immediate service to let you back in your residence, you can rely on the fast, professional emergency service of All The Best Locksmiths.