Electronic Locks

No more fumbling for keys in the dark as you try to get inside your home when you have an electronic lock installed. Imagine walking up to your door as the darkness surrounds you and you hear every little noise. Instead of taking the extra time to find your keys and attempt to put them in the lock correctly, all you have to do is punch in a combination of numbers and the door unlocks. You’re inside in just seconds, safe from whatever danger lurks outside.

Electronic locks have numerous benefits over traditional keyed locks. They range from simple deadbolts with keypads to more complex systems with advanced features such as text messaging information about who is entering your home or business.

Choices in Electronic Locks

One of the first decisions you’ll make about your new electronic lock is whether you want a wireless system or one that is hard-wired into your home. You’ll also have the option to decide how you want to access your property, by using a card, key with an embedded chip, a key fob or a combination lock. You can even select a biometrics system, which uses your fingerprint or other methods of recognition for access.

Benefits of Electronic Locks

Besides the obvious benefit of not having to carry a key and use it to open a lock, you will find many other advantages to this system. You can keep track of who is entering your premises based on who has accessed the lock. Information is stored in the system and can be sent to you or retrieved when you need it.

With pass codes, you can limit who enters a building based on time of day or other criteria and even assign a temporary code to someone who only needs limited access. It’s also easier to change the code when a former employee or other person should no longer be allowed access to the property. Instead of having to re-key the door lock, you just change the code.

These electronic locks are made to be durable and weather resistant for year-round use in all kinds of conditions. The wireless systems come with low battery warnings so you can be assured of continued security.

The design of the electronic locks enhances security in homes and businesses in a far superior way to the traditional keyed locks. You will feel more confident about the safety of your property with the advanced technology being used. At the same time, these systems are user-friendly and anyone can learn how to access the property with just one or two attempts.

Why Choose All The Best Locksmiths

You can rely on All The Best Locksmiths to provide fast, proficient service for the installation and repair of electronic locks for your property. Our technicians are experienced and skilled in all kinds of locks. We provide ongoing training for the latest devices and technology to ensure accurate installation and fast repairs.

Our technicians can set up installation based on your convenience. They carry a full range of locksmith equipment to maintain efficiency in providing quality service for all of our customers. At the same time, we offer a variety of products at affordable prices to fit in almost any budget. We can assist you in selecting a system which meets your requirements and price range.

If you want to update your security system for your business or home, contact All The Best Locksmiths. Give us a call and find out how we can help you make your property more secure and provide peace of mind whether you are on site or away.


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