High Security Locks

If you live in a high-crime area or have a business filled with valuable inventory, the traditional lock may not provide enough security for your peace of mind. In these cases, you want a high security lock that utilizes complex mechanisms to reduce the ability of break-ins. All The Best Locksmiths of Brea provides the latest products in high security, including the popular Mul-T-Lock, and professional installation and repair service for residential and commercial customers.


Mul-T-Lock is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-security products designed for residential, commercial and industrial use. You’ll find a complete product line which includes deadbolts, padlocks, master key systems, and cylinders as well as multi-point locks.

The Interactive line of cylinders feature a telescopic pin tumbler, which includes both internal and external pins. They both must be in alignment for the lock to work. Its like creating a virtual combination that works with a key.

The Difference between Ordinary Locks and High Security

Ordinary locks are more susceptible to picking and can be opened with the right tools. High security locks are designed to be almost impossible to pick with hardened steel inserts which prevent the person from drilling to gain access.

Another benefit to high security locks is a person cant have a duplicate made as easily. Because the keys and lock have a unique design, the keys often require a special process for duplication. You can rest easier knowing your roommate or employee hasn’t given out duplicate keys to friends.

Anyone can benefit from having high security locks installed on their property:

  • A residence in a high-class neighborhood where burglaries are common
  • An apartment in a high-crime area where violence is often seen
  • A landlord or property manager who wants to ensure no duplicate keys are made
  • A warehouse storing hazardous materials
  • A retail store with valuable inventory, such as jewelry or rare antiques

High security locks can be part of a complete security system for your home or business. Knowing these locks are made not to be broken can give you the peace of mind you want.<

Why All The Best Locksmiths?

When selecting a company to sell and install your high security locks, you want someone with experience. All The Best Locksmiths provides professional service on all types of locks. Our technicians are knowledgeable about the latest security devices and locks, including Mul-T-Lock.

We provide ongoing training to ensure our technicians stay up to date on new technology for accurate installation and repair. We can set up an appointment at your convenience to install a new high security system. In addition, our techs will provide ongoing maintenance and repair when needed. Our products feature an efficient design that prevents access or duplication.

All The Best Locksmiths also provides 24-hour emergency service in case you are locked out or need a repair done fast. We are always a phone call away for any residence or business in Brea.

When you call us, you can expect professional, courteous service. We will help you make the best decision about your security system by explaining your options and answering your questions. Our technicians have a full set of tools and equipment to make all installations and repairs on-site in a minimal amount of time.

If you are looking for a professional locksmith with years of experience, skills and knowledge of the latest security devices and systems, and someone who provides prompt, professional service, you want All The Best Locksmiths. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you make your home, business or auto more secure.


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When you need immediate service to let you back in your residence, you can rely on the fast, professional emergency service of All The Best Locksmiths.