Residential Locksmith

Oops! You’ve locked yourself out of your house again. You check your pockets nothing. You try a window, but it’s locked, too. However, you can see your house keys sitting on the kitchen island right where you left them. Luckily, you have your cell phone with you, and you can call All The Best Locksmiths for fast service.

Count on All The Best Locksmiths for the following services:

  • Emergency lock outs
  • Lock repairs and re-keys
  • New lock installation
  • Master key systems
  • Key duplicates and spares made
  • Padlocks
  • High security locks

Why You Need All The Best Locksmiths for Your Lock Problems

When you need immediate service to let you back in your residence, you can rely on the fast, professional emergency service of All The Best Locksmiths. Because we are available 24/7, you never have to worry about what you’ll do when you come home at 2 in the morning only to discover you lost your keys.

Day or night, we are there when you need us. Professional locksmith technicians can quickly and expertly unlock your door without causing damage to the lock or surrounding structure. Modern security systems are trickier and often impossible for homeowners to access. Our techs bring a full supply of tools with them to handle any lock issues so you are back in your home and back on schedule in no time.

If you attempt to break into your own home, you’re more likely to cause damage not only to the lock but the door itself, resulting in expensive repairs. With All the Best Locksmiths, you can give us a call and relax, knowing we are on our way to save the day.

You can also call us when you’ve broken or bent your house key and it no longer works to unlock your door. If you need a spare for a friend or family member, we’ll make one for you in just minutes. Providing a range of residential locksmith services, we are the locksmith you call when you need a brand new lock, a new key or high-security locks to protect your home.

Why All The Best Locksmiths

Choose All The Best Locksmiths for fast, professional service. Our technicians are trained to work on the latest style of locks as well as the ancient versions that have been around for years. They understand modern high-security systems and can provide expert installation and service.

We also provide our locksmiths with all the equipment they need to handle any job on-site, which reduces the amount of time you have to wait for service. With a full range of tools for every kind of lock, you can trust the job we do. In addition, we offer a 100 percent guarantee so you can feel sure of success when you turn the key in the lock.

With 24-hour service 7 days a week, you’ll never need to search for another locksmith again. Serving all of Brea, All The Best Locksmiths wants to be your locksmith when you need help. Anytime you are locked out or need a new key or lock for your residence, call All The Best Locksmiths. Never be stuck again when we’re just a phone call away.


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The professional team of All The Best Locksmiths offers a proven track record of dealing with all kinds of locks and security systems in an efficient manner. We’ll have you back on schedule in no time when you call us for assistance. Our technicians have the skills and knowledge you need when you want your property secured. They have been trained on all of the latest security systems and locks to ensure accurate and proficient installation and repair. They are also provided with a full range of equipment to make changing out a lock or re-keying a door fast and easy.


When you need immediate service to let you back in your residence, you can rely on the fast, professional emergency service of All The Best Locksmiths.