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Emergency Locksmith Service

Residential Locksmith

When you need immediate service to let you back in your residence, you can rely on the fast, professional emergency service of All The Best Locksmiths. Because we are available 24/7, you never have to worry about what you'll do

Commercial Locksmith

All The Best Locksmiths provides quality commercial locksmith services for all types of businesses, including small companies, large corporations, industrial businesses, retail stores, small shops and other commercial organizations.

Automotive Locksmith

All The Best Locksmiths provides lockout service and rekeying as well as ignition repair for all types of vehicles. Whether you own a brand new model or a classic, our technicians are trained to handle all key and ignition problems.


All The Best Locksmiths provides prompt, professional service no matter what you need. Our technicians are skilled in all types of locks and security systems. provides the latest products in high security, including Mul-T-Lock


You had a disagreement with tenant who was late on the rent payment. You warned them of eviction if they didn’t get current on their rent. Now, they have turned up missing and all of their stuff has been moved out of the apartment. You don’t want to rent out the place until you have new locks installed and you don’t want to risk the old tenant coming back for revenge on your property.
Instead of purchasing brand new locks at an additional expense, have your current lock re-keyed. This is a simple process for a professional locksmith, which allows you to have a new set of keys for your lock.
Just imagine the various situations where re-keying a lock would be beneficial:
You’ve misplaced your only keys to a door you seldom use A roommate moved out and kept the key You bought a new home and want to make sure no one can get in the house with the old key These are just a few scenarios where it makes sense to re-key the locks. It’s less expensive than replacing the locks while providing the security you want.

Re-keying For Businesses
Businesses, especially property managers and landlords, want to re-key their locks so they have a master key that fits all locks. At the same time, each lock has a specific key made just for it. This is the ideal situation when you have a maintenance person who needs access to multiple units, but you want to maintain the privacy and security of your tenants.
When a lock is re-keyed, the tumbler inside of the lock is replaced. The new tumbler is installed after it has been formatted by a lock expert to accept a new key.

Why Choose All The Best Locksmiths
Re-keying isn’t an easy task for a DIY person. If not done correctly, the new key won’t work when you need access. You want to call on the professional services of All The Best Locksmiths to re-key your locks. Our work is guaranteed, so you can be assured that the new key will work correctly in the lock for enhanced security.
We provide 24-hour service 7 days a week, so we’re always there when you need us. If it’s an emergency situation, you can contact us anytime and we’ll provide prompt service every time.
Our technicians are experienced at working with all types of locks. They are skilled in making repairs and replacements in an efficient manner. We provide ongoing training to our technicians on the latest technology in locks. They also receive a full set of tools and equipment to make working on-site easier and faster, so you get the job done in less time.
All The Best Locksmiths serves all of Brea, so no matter where you live or work you can be assured of professional service for all your security needs. If you have concerns about who has access to your home or business, contact us about re-keying your locks so you can rest easy. Our goal is to provide fast, professional service and our mission is to ensure your security through the best today’s technology has to offer.
Give us a call today and find out how All The Best Locksmiths can help you maintain or improve your security.

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